I Confess: Visions of Guilt and Innocence in Hitchcock's Films

Mathieu Deflem

This essay was first developed as an online document in April 1999, at which time it was among the first academic presentations to be primarily read and viewed on the internet. It served as the basis for an oral presentation at the annual meeting of the Law and Society Association in May 1999, illustrated with film segments on video. The online version subsequently went through revisions, in June 2002, March 2003, June 2007, and June 2012, as the medium of the internet changed and links to picture stills and film segments had to be adjusted.

A revised and updated version of the original paper is presently forthcoming as a chapter in a book on film, law, and crime to be published in 2016. The manuscript will be posted when available. 

The original and updated online versions can still be viewed via the Wayback Machine:

Please cite as: Deflem, Mathieu. 1999. "I Confess: Visions of Guilt and Innocence in Hitchcock's Films." Presented at the Law and Society Association meeting, Chicago, May 27, 1999. Online archived version available via www.mathieudeflem.net.

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