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The Bernard Herrmann Society - This is the single most comprehensive website on Bernard Herrman's life and work.

Bernard Herrmann Papers, 1927-1977. (PA Mss 3) - From the Department of Special Collections, UCSB.

Bernard Herrmann: The Man Behind the Music - By Bruce Crawford. Bernard Herrmann was one of the most influential composers to work in film.

A Discussion of the Musical Language of Bernard Herrmann as Evidenced by a Selection of his Film Scores for Alfred Hitchcock - by Nina Humphreys. Bernard Herrmann's musical language brought a new dimension to the Hollywood 'norm', established by composers such as Max Steiner and Miklos Rozsa.

David Raksin Remembers his Colleagues: Bernard Herrmann - Of all the composers who have written music for films, perhaps the most remarkable personality was my friend and colleague Bernard Herrmann.

Bernard Herrmann: Film Composer - It has been said that a good film score should not be noticeable; it should be so well integrated into the film that it is inseparable, as much a part of the finished production as the sets or cinematography.

Hitchcock et la musique - Hitchcock et Herrmann.


Berrnard Herrman made some of his most famous music for Hitchock films. They worked together on six films before they had a falling out over the score for Torn Curtain. Here are a few examples and discussions. These pages and links are from the Bernard Herrmann Society site, from "Hitchcock et la Musique," and from Bernard Hermman at Reel Classics.
Telescope: A Talk with Hitchcock - Transcript, CBC Television, 1964.

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour - An Introduction.

The Trouble with Harry - An Interview with Robert Townson.

Vertigo Interviews - Patricia Hitchcock, Kim Novak and Katz & Harris.

Reviews of recordings: Alfred Hitchcock: Music from His Films - Great Hitchcock Movie Thrillers - Marnie - Psycho -Torn Curtain - The Trouble with Harry - Vertigo.

Sound Samples
The Trouble with Harry (1956)
Vertigo (1958)
Psycho (1960)
Psycho (1960)
The Birds (1963)
Marnie (1964)

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