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Click on the link for the (numerical) course evaluations for my undergraduate teaching at the University of South Carolina: Undergraduate Course Evaluations, Mathieu Deflem, since 2002.

You can also read my related letters concerning course evaluations:


Undergraduate Academic Bulletin - Courses, including Carolina Core.

A&S Information For Students  - Including Guidelines for Advisement.

SOCY Major & SOCY Minor - Course requirements from the Sociology website.

Registrar - Includes useful information. Also check the calendar for the final exams.

Office of Academic Integrity - Policies and procedures, rights and responsibilities. Includes integrity policies,
such as the Honor Code and the Student Code of Conduct.

Student Success Center and Undergraduate Academic Regulations - Useful information for students.

Center for Teaching Excellence - Useful teaching information.

Here are some Thesis Proposal Guidelines [pdf] and a sociology Reference Style [pdf] for (under)graduate writing.
Here is an interesting note on writing a doctoral dissertation (courtesy of Dr. John Bendix):


USC Library Search Pages - This is a collection of links to online bibliographical sources and abstracts for sociological research and related fields of inquiry.


Undergraduates: M & W 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. or by appointment. Graduate students can see me by appointment. My office is in Sloan College, Room 217.

Mathieu Deflem, Ph.D., Professor
University of South Carolina
Department of Sociology
Sloan College bldg, room 217
911 Pickens Street
Columbia, SC 29208