Here are some of the other websites I maintain or have maintained, in archived form when available. Also included is my social network participation, all of which should provide additional information on my work.

LinkedIn -  For professional networking. 
Twitter -  For communicative networking.   
YouTube - Videos, including public talks and news. 
Amazon Author Page - Books for sale.
Google Scholar - Publications and citations. 
Disqus - Various online comments.

ACADEMIC SITES - Blog for my course, "Lady Gaga and the Sociology of the Fame" (since 2011). - Includes Save Sociology (2004-2006) and Free Education Now! (1999-2001). 
Also see the archived versions of the original sites. 


Since the late 1990s I have maintained several websites and pages. Via the Wayback Machine, these sites can still be viewed to provide a glimpse into a small fragment of internet history.
Academic sites:
  • Department page, Kenyon College - The earliest archived version of the webpage of the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, my first place of employment, is from May 1997, just when I had left. But the 1996-1997 course schedules are still online for both Fall and Spring
  • Faculty page, Purdue University - The archives of the personal webpages I first developed from 1997 onwards offer a curious transition in both content and form between 1999 and 2002, the years of the first and last snapshots. See alternate snapshots from 2000 on.
    Note: The alias was registered in the summer of 1999 to capture my Purdue page, my USC page (2002-2012), and then this blog (since June 2012).
  • - A website on the work of Jurgen Habermas, which I maintained for several years, roughly from 1999 until 2003. 
  • - Website on my book, The Policing of Terrorism, 2010-2012.  
  • - Website on my book, Sociology of Law, 2008-2012.  
Professional service sites:
  • - Website for the ASA Theory section, developed from 2003 until 2007.  
  • - Website for the ASA Comparative and Historical Sociology section, founded and maintained from 2000 until 2004.  
  • AmiciOnline - Website for the ASA Sociology of Law newsletter, 2002-2004. 

Pop culture sites:
Music site archives:
  • (music sites and pictures, c. 2003 to 2005) - (on U.S. heavy metal band Pentagram, March 24, 2002 until April 16, 2006) - Spirits in Black | (on German metal band Meat Shop, 1999 until December 9, 2003) - Wild Catz | (on UK heavy metal band Tygers of Pan Tang, from about 2000 to 2002) - (on the music of Ted Nugent, 2001 to 2002) - A Real Shame (on rock band New American Shame, 1999 to 2000). 

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