Between September of 1999 and May of 2001, this website was successfully devoted to the fight against commercial lecture notes companies. The site has no longer been updated since the online notes businesses had vanished, apart from an update on a timid resurgence in July 2007. Click here for the original web version!

The site provides several Information Pages and a Position Paper.

  • Education Facts - A summary of lecture notes companies and the educational response.
  • Education Interventions - Strategies from educational, technological, and legal viewpoints.
  • In the Media - A selection of media sources that feature this website and its organizer.
  • Education News - Articles with information and opinions from students and teachers!
  • The Anti-Education List - An updated list of commercial notes companies and their websites.


This website initiative was discussed in various media sources, including: The Wall Street Journal, The Baltimore Sun, Forbes Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, The Chicago Tribune, The Village Voice, The Denver Post, The Chronicle of Higher Education, the Christian Science Monitor, and in the college press, such as: The Washington Square News, The Rice Thresher, Campus Press, The Harvard Crimson, and The Cavalier Daily.

The Free Education Now! website was developed between September 1999 and May 20, 2001.
Mathieu Deflem is responsible for the posting of all content.