Latte Shouldn’t Cost Someone Life or Limb (Letter)

Mathieu Deflem
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This letter was published in The State newspaper, February 17, 2004, p. A8.

Deflem, Mathieu. 2004. “Latte Shouldn’t Cost Someone Life or Limb.” Letter. The State, February 17, p. A8.

Since the arrival of Starbucks in Five Points, we not only have to put up with large advertising signs, but also with the rude behavior of some of those who visit the establishment.

As someone who lives in the neighborhood, I walk through Five Points every day on my way to work. But that is now getting harder and harder to do without running the risk of having myself killed by all those who drive into the area in blatant disregard of traffic rules. Almost every day, cars are heading into the wrong lane or are double-parked, just to allow their drivers to indulge in some overpriced java.

Perhaps those drivers ought to be reminded that traffic rules are not a fanciful nuisance but a useful means to secure the safety of people. Disregarding those rules is not only rude, it is dangerous. Or is your coffee worth my life?

(Note: this is my only latte writing!)

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