Doing Gender in Heavy Metal: Perceptions on Women in a Hypermasculine Subculture, by Anna S. Rogers and Mathieu Deflem (2022)

Anna S. Rogers
University of Georgia
Mathieu Deflem
University of South Carolina 

Published by Anthem Press, available October 5, 2021. | women in heavy metal |
ISBN: 9781839981364 (pb) | 9781839981333 (hb) | 9781839981357 (epub)
| women in heavy metal |
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This book offers a sociological examination of gender issues concerning the place and role of women in the heavy metal subculture. Grounded in feminist theories of gender difference and in dialogue with relevant studies from various perspectives, this study analyzes how women are perceived to ‘do gender’ in the heavy metal community, which has traditionally been largely composed of men and is commonly known for its hypermasculine qualities. Relying on semi-structured interviews with self-identified fans of heavy metal, we reveal that the respondents indeed describe their own music (sub)culture as traditionally dominated by men, but that they also note the distinct signs of progress women have made in entering into and participating within the heavy metal culture on terms aspiring to equality with men. Yet, despite these changes that are understood as positive for women, both for their place in society as well as for the world of heavy metal, gendered conditions driven by masculinity continue to exist for women in heavy metal. Women are thus attempting to find their way to develop what might one day become, but as of now not yet is, a realized and acknowledged identity and culture of heavy metal feminism. 

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Preface and Acknowledgments
1. Gender and Popular Culture: The Case of Heavy Metal
2. Doing Gender: A Sociological Perspective
3. Hypermasculinity and Heavy Metal
4. Interrogating Metal: Fan Perceptions on Gender
5. Metalhead: Music as Identity
6. Metal Woman: Being Gender, Playing Gender
7. Degrees of Metal: Variation and Change
8. Towards Heavy Metal Feminism?
Index "women in heavy metal" "sexism in heavy metal" gender and heavy metal
Women in Hypermasculine Environments: An Analysis of Gender Dynamics in the Heavy Metal Subculture


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