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This is a page on Save Sociology, an online campaign conducted by Mathieu Deflem, 2004-2006.

Below are some writings by Mathieu Deflem that offer background information and opinions on various aspects of the state and development of sociology as an academic discipline, with a special focus on public sociology. This page is occasionally updated.

About Public Sociology 

The Structural Transformation of Sociology. Society 50(2): 156-166, 2013.
Japanese translation: "翻訳 社会学の構造変容" (translation by 久慈 利武). 東北学院大学教養学部論集 170:117-134, March 2015. 
Sociological Certainty? Letter. Salt Lake Tribune, April 14, 2013.

Video: The Privacy of Public Sociology: Transatlantic Revelations. Lecture delivered at The University of Glasgow, Scotland, April 24, 2009.

Public Sociology, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet. The Journal of Professional and Public Sociology, 2005.
Japanese translation: "公共社会学とホットドッグとアップルパイとシャーベット." (translation by 久慈 利武). 東北学院大学教養学部論集 170:134-144, March 2015. 
The War in Iraq and the Peace of San Francisco: Breaking the Code of Public Sociology. Peace, War & Social Conflict, Newsletter of the ASA section, November 2004.

Letter to the Editor (The Proper Role of Sociology in the World at Large). The Chronicle Review, October 1, 2004.

There’s the ASA, But Where’s the Sociology? Public Forum. Footnotes, the ASA Newsletter, July/August 2004, 32(6), p. 9. With a response by Michael Burawoy, “Democracy in Question: Reply to Deflem.”

Related Writings 

Obstinate Observations on Sociological Saving. Trajectories, Newsletter of the ASA Comparative and Historical Sociology Section, 28(2):10-14, 2016.

That’s in a Name: Concerning the ASA Career Award. Footnotes, ASA Newsletter, 36(3):8, March 2008.

Single-Issue Voting Tactic? Public Forum. Footnotes, ASA Newsletter, 34(5):12, May/June 2006. Followed by a comment by a comment and response.

Sociologists, One More Effort! A Propos Goodwin. Comparative & Historical Sociology, ASA Section newsletter, 16(2):4-6, 2005. With a response by Goodwin.

Crime and Deviance at Social Forces. Crime and Juvenile Delinquency Division News, SSSP Newsletter, 2005, p. 2.

Comment (on public sociology). Contemporary Sociology 34(1):92-93, January 2005.

Southernizing Social Forces. The Southern Sociologist, Newsletter of the Southern Sociological Society, 36(3):12-15, Winter 2005.

Large Mug, Mousepad, Infant Creeper, Bib, Dog T-Shirt: The Professional Group Revisited. Perspectives, the ASA Theory section newsletter, 27(4 ):15, 2004.

Academic Freedom and Publishing, Or: The ASA Police Never Sleeps... Amici, ASA Sociology of Law section newsletter, 11(2):10, 2004.

How the ASA Leadership Damages Sociological Research: A Scholarly and Professional Viewpoint. Amici, ASA Sociology of Law section newsletter, 11(2):12, 2004.

Resolutions? What resolutions? I don't need no stinking resolutions! An online response on the Iraq War Resolution at the ASA Forum, April 22, 2003, 10:46 am.

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