The Policing of Terrorism: Organizational and Global Perspectives, by Mathieu Deflem (Routledge, 2010)

Mathieu Deflem
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Published by Routledge, New York, 2010. 
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"Mathieu Deflem is, in our opinion, a leading voice when it comes to studying terrorism from a criminological perspective." -- Peter Lehr & Gillian Duncan, Terrorism Bibliography 


This book offers an analysis of the policing of terrorism in a variety of national and international contexts. Centered on developments since the events of September 11, 2001, the study analyzes police aspects of counter-terrorism in the United States and additionally extends its range comparatively to other nations and to the global level of international police organizations. Situated in the criminology of terrorism and counter-terrorism, this book offers a look into the contemporary organization of law enforcement against terrorism, which will significantly influence the conditions of global security in the foreseeable future.


Part 1: Perspective of the Book
1. The Criminology of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
2. A Theory of Counter-Terrorism Policing
Part 2: The United States
3. Counter-Terrorism Policy and Law
4. Homeland Security: The Role of Federal Law Enforcement
5. Terrorism and the City: The Role of Local Law Enforcement
Part 3: International Dimensions
6. The Globalization of Counter-Terrorism Policing
7. Policing World Terrorism: The Role of Interpol
8. Policing Terrorism in Europe: The Role of Europol
Part 4: Comparative Cases
9. Undercover Counter-Terrorism in Israel
10. Terrorism and War: Policing Iraq and Afghanistan


"This is an extraordinarily thorough, well-informed and detailed exploration of the policing of terrorism. The precipitating theme of Deflem's book is -- almost inevitably -- the al-Qaeda attacks in the USA of September 11, 2001. He insightfully locates his discussion within a comparative-historical and global context. He also successfully situates his theses within a local-national-global framework. This is a timely contribution to one of the major issues of our time. Indeed, its usefulness will become increasingly significant. This book will be of great use to criminologists, sociologists, political scientists, specialists in security and surveillance, legal experts, and others. In addition, it will also appeal to wider audiences who take a serious interest in contemporary tendencies concerning societal, regional and global governance." ―Roland Robertson

"Despite impressive innovations in policing practices in recent decades, policing terrorism has thus far received scant research attention. Deflem describes in detail these challenges and the complexities of policing terrorism. The case studies from Iraq and Afghanistan where conventional military forces are engaged in intricate and often deadly interactions with civilian police forces are especially useful." ―Gary LaFree

"Law enforcement and intelligence communities must act quickly on the information they receive. They play a critical role in countering, thwarting and minimizing terrorist attacks. This comprehensive book will serve as an authoritative source of reference for those engaged in the immeasurable responsibility of defending our society against acts of terrorism. I was extremely impressed by the timely, relevant and stimulating content of this textbook and I have no hesitation in suggesting it as a must-read for practioners, scholars and researchers concerned with terrorism. ―Jacques Duchesneau

"As a scholar and participant in international law enforcement’s efforts against terrorism for the past twenty-two years, I can personally corroborate that Mathieu Deflem’s ideas on the efficiencies of transnational policing are spot-on. Among my colleagues in transnational policing who are familiar with Deflem’s work (and there are many), Deflem is recognized as one of only a few who are at the pinnacle of the study of international/transnational policing. We are living testament to the veracity of Deflem’s arguments. ―Michael Bayer


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